Tuesday, July 14, 2009


feeelin kinda good rite about now!! Doing wat I do best, but I gotta lot more to go so ima cut this one short....


Add me on everything

Alright so i have Myspace, youtube, Twitter and this blog so why dont you add me on all 4.

MYSPACE- www.Myspace.com/followjames2 (Some asshole took followjames, so i had to use followjames2)

TWITTER- www.Twitter.com/FollowJames

YOUTUBE- www.youtube.com/user/followjames2

Add those and subscribe to this blog....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slip and bleed

We made a slip and slide that ran into a shit ass pond, that pond was so damn disgusting. But I busted my ass alot and you can watch it on my YouTube channel. (click the link in the lower right of my blog, under about me and all that,it says YouTube, can't miss it)


Haha got stuck in the mud, had to get pulled out by a FORD E-350 (that's a van) full of mexicans. Pretty damn funny.